Some of my favorite memories as a kid growing up have been at Kings Island. As an adult, I love creating new memories with my kids. It's also fun to help our friends have a great experience during their visit.   Here are a few tips to make your next Kings Island visit even better.  

1. Take a picture of the sign at the end of the row where you parked.

This makes your life so much easier, and the last thing you want to do after spending all day at an amusement park is wander around looking for your car.


2. Plan ahead.

Check prices online for the best discounts and know what rides are a priority for you to go on during your visit.  


3. Wear your swimsuit under your clothes and bring items to change into.

The water rides on the amusement park side are much more enjoyable when you know you can change into dry clothes later.  

4. Think about if and where you want a locker for your valuables.

There are lockers located all over the park but the waterpark closes at an earlier time. You will also need a locker if you ride the thrill ride, Banshee.

IMG_3441 2

5. Bring a ziplock bag for your phone.

Nothing ruins a day at the park like a ruined phone. This is a simple life hack to ensure that doesn't happen.


6. Take the train to the water park...

...and enjoy a nice break off your feet.


7. Stay hydrated.

Kings Island even offers courtesy cups of water so there is no excuse to overheat.


8. Check out the $10 or less store.

If you have an emergency, like a broken flip flop, check out the $10 or less store inside the park. Crisis averted.


9. Enjoy the scenery.

Kings Island has beautiful flowers and landscaping throughout the park.


10. Plan your meal strategy ahead of time.

Decide if you want to pack food and return to your vehicle, leave the park to eat or enjoy the multiple dining options available at the park. You also need to try the blueberry soft serve ice cream at Kings Island found in the Planet Snoopy area.


11. Check out one of the air-conditioned shows...

...or ride Boo Blaster in the Planet Snoopy area of the park.      

12. The Extreme Skyflyer offers early-bird pricing in the morning.

I can vouch that it's a lot of fun and combines the thrill of hang gliding and skydiving. (Located near Banshee.)


13. Take a picture...

... and commemorate the moment outside the roller coaster that you just conquered your fears on.  


14. Watch the evening fireworks at the top of the Eiffel Tower...

...for an unbelievable view of the park.