The Beach Waterpark
The Beach Waterpark

The Beach Waterpark
"The Beach Waterpark is a guaranteed fun-packed day and is definitely a place to visit."
~ Nicholas, 12, New Washington, OH

Behringer-Crawford Museum
"I loved the bubble in the big trains. It put me in the middle of everything!"
~ Cameron, 7, Covington, KY

Cincinnati Museum Center
"Cincinnati Museum Center is filled with fun adventures and takes kids into their own land!"
~ Taylor, 10, New Washington, OH

Cincinnati Reds
"It's fun to watch the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park. The ballpark is huge, has great food, and the Reds always put up a good fight."
~ Matthew, 10, Troy, OH

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
"I enjoyed feeding the giraffes graham crackers and watching the cheetahs play at the zoo. It was a cool experience, and I can't wait to go back."
~ Isaac, 11, Ontario, OH

Coney Island
"The, wait...the Twister is my favorite...I can't decide!"
~ Annabelle, 4th grade, Louisville, KY

"Sunlite Pool rocks!"
~ Frederick, 7th grade, Louisville, KY

EnterTRAINment Junction
"I love EnterTRAINment Junction. It's like Disney but closer!"
~ James, 6, Dayton, OH

Kings Island
"The best thing about going to Kings Island is eating the pizza and getting to ride the Vortex with mommy."
~ Savannah, 8, Richmond, IN

"I love riding Woodstock Express and the blue ice cream!"
~ Joey, 6, Richmond, IN

Newport Aquarium
"My favorite thing at the aquarium is petting the sharks. The first time I was scared, but now that I'm five I'm braver. And the black one is my best buddy."
~ Annie, 5, Maysville, KY

Shark Central at Newport Aquarium
Shark Central at Newport Aquarium