Discover the magic of Water Wonderland as Newport Aquarium presents a holiday celebration under the sea. It’s an experience that's overflowing with enchantment and fun experiences the whole family will love. 
Join the fun as Scuba Santa fills his air tank with magic bubbles - and sends them throughout the Aquarium creating an enchanted Water Wonderland. Be amazed as you're surrounded by lights and bubbles dancing to holiday music in Shark Ray Bay Theater, where you'll also have the opportunity to meet Scuba Santa one-on-one.
The undersea celebration continues with holiday music and more magical bubbles as you journey through the Seahorses: Unbridled Fun Gallery, where the ceiling is filled with hundreds of twinkling sea creature lights. The white gators in Gator Alley are having fun with a truckload of seasonal cheer and special decorations. Now even Mighty Mike loves the holidays.

Family Fun Activities Free with Admission:
Meet Scuba Santa - You can join one of Scuba Santa’s elves in song in the Shark Ray Bay Theater and meet and talk to Scuba Santa one-on-one to tell him what you want for Christmas while making a special holiday memory to last a lifetime. 11 a.m. - 4p.m.
Scuba Santa's Magic Bubble Showers - Join in the fun as Scuba Santa fills the theater with his magic bubbles. Every time a bubble pops, a wish will come true for someone throughout the world. Daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Shark Ray Bay Theater.
Scuba Santa’s Post Office - You’ll find Scuba Santa’s Post Office in the Kroger Penguin Palooza, where the penguins spread their own special brand of holiday cheer. At Scuba Santa’s Post Office, you can write your holiday wish on a magic bubble and drop it in Scuba Santa’s Mailbox.
No Scuba Santa® on Christmas Day. Schedule days/times subject to change without notice.
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