The Cincinnati History Museum opened in 1990 and is one of the largest and most significant urban history museums in the country. The Cincinnati History Museum displays materials and related aspects of the history of Cincinnati and the surrounding region. Permanent exhibits include a re-creation of the Cincinnati Public Landing of the late 1850s, where you can step aboard a 94-foot side-wheel steamboat. The museum also has a large home-front exhibit on World War II and an actual 1940s streetcar. Visitors can also see a model of the city of Cincinnati from 1900s to 1940s with working trains and inclines, as well as interactive computer stations. 

Costumed interpreters throughout the museum allow visitors the unique opportunity make a personal connection with the past. Speak with a settler new to the river valley in 1792, or help a flatboat man unload his boat. Visitors can book passage on the recreated Queen of the West steamboat, or help the printer set type in the Public Landing area. Folks can then travel through time and speak with a housewife during WWII making do with rationing, or step on board the WWII era streetcar to find out about Cincinnati during the 1940s from the conductor.

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