Coney Island features Sunlite Pool, the world's largest recirculating swimming pool with over 2 acres and 3 million gallons of water fun, plus several water slides including The Twister, a state-of-the-art water slide with four separate twisting slides and over 1400 feet of fiberglass. The park also features classic amusement rides for kids and adults like Dodgems, Python Family Roller Coaster, Super Slide, Ferris Wheel, Grand Carousel, The Scrambler, bumper and pedal boats on Lake Como and many more. Brand new in 2014 is Wipe Out: go topsy turvy on this action-packed thriller that sends riders round-n-round and upside down over 30-feet in the air! Plus enjoy live shows performed in Lakeside Pavilion and Moonlite Gazebo and Coney is a great place to dine on local favorites Skyline Chili, Larosa's Pizza and Montgomery Inn barbeque.

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