Impact and momentum. Two words that describe the Cincinnati USA regional travel and tourism industry and the influence it continues to have on shaping our destination and creating value for our communities.
It is an industry that drives growth, creates new jobs and lowers taxes. It reflects and encourages more economic development progress. It inspires strong collaboration among business, civic and government leaderships. It represents the livelihood of tens of thousands of local residents and affects our region’s national and international reputation.
Quantifying our industry’s impact and momentum is an important exercise, reinforcing the power of growth and development efforts happening across the region. To that end, the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau, meetNKY and the Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network (RTN) collaborated to commission a comprehensive Economic Impact Study to measure the influence of travel and tourism on the region – in terms of total output, employment, and income, state and local tax revenues generated.
The study revealed positive findings, a region on the rise, and a travel and tourism industry worth investing in, cultivating and celebrating to help Cincinnati USA stay on the upward trajectory.

Roebling Suspension Bridge
Roebling Suspension Bridge

Key findings by the numbers:

  • $4.4 billion: spending by visitors in Cincinnati USA, up 5.1% and driven by spending on accommodations and food and beverage.
  • 24.1 million: visitors hosted by Cincinnati USA (15 counties across 3 states) in 2013, including both overnight and day trips. Up 4.0% from previous years.
  • 90%: ratio of the region’s 2013 visitors who came for leisure; 40% stayed overnight.
  • 74,000: number of jobs sustained by visitors to Cincinnati USA . That's approximately 1 in 14 total jobs in the region.
  • $602: amount that the average household tax burden was offset by tourism. Tourism in the Cincinnati USA region accrued $492 million to state and local governments.
  • Since 2009, tourism sales have grown at an average annual pace of 4.1% (compared to 3% average growth nationally) and total employment sustained by tourism has grown 3.4% per year.

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Source: Tourism Economics


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Linda Antus

Linda Antus

CTA, President & CEO