Qualified media may receive the following assistance:

  • Tailored itineraries, personalized city tours, and complimentary admissions, meals and accommodations when possible
  • Coordination of interviews and contacts with Cincinnati leaders, personalities and restaurateurs when possible
  • Media materials on Cincinnati attractions, backgrounders and regional facts/stats
  • Color images in digital format
  • B-roll

Trip hosting information:

Please note that complimentary arrangements are provided at the discretion of the hotel and attraction partners and are subject to availability. Blackout periods may be experienced throughout the year that may necessitate a press rate. The Regional Tourism Network cannot pay for airfare, transportation, accommodations, attraction passes or meals.

Please understand that our primary concern is assisting working media. Host locations are not always able to accommodate spouses, children and visitors accompanying working press.

Upon broadcast or publication, we ask that you send us a copy of the clipping or broadcast tape/cassette along with the estimated dollar value based on advertising cost.

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