Laura and David Arnold

Laura and David Arnold, Cincinnati Nomerati
By day, Laura and David are a public relations pro and a director of web development. By night, they are Cincinnati Nomerati, the pair behind the local Cincinnati food blog, which has been active since 2009.

It's hard to get them out of downtown, where they are lucky enough to work and live, but they have been known to leave the city for great BBQ, a burger from Terry's Turf Club or tacos from Mazunte.

Fans of their blog can expect meme and pop culture references, Easter eggs hidden within posts, and fantastic food pictures. On this page, they'll round up some of the best places to visit in the city if you're looking for a meal. Or a drink. Or both. They don't discriminate.

Laura and David both grew up in Ohio, with the exception of a few years Laura lived in Memphis, where she was born, and Texas. As a result, she will always pick a pulled pork sandwich over a three-way.

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