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Cincinnati’s Hospitality Industry Is Strong & Resilient. 

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Cincinnati region’s hospitality industry employed more than 80,000 annually. In 2020, travel was halted due to the impact of COVID-19, and it was estimated that 35% of all jobs lost during the pandemic were in hospitality and tourism.
Recovery in 2021 is seeing signs of renewal, demand to travel is rebounding and the search is on. Many hospitality partners – hotels, restaurants attractions and more - are seeking to re-employ, restaff and rebuild their teams with so many of the talented hospitality professionals who are looking for work – whether for the summer or building a career.
Max Average Salary Achieved for Travel Industry (Photo: U.S. Travel)
Max Average Salary Achieved for Travel Industry (Photo: U.S. Travel)

Job Openings and Resources:

    Why Choose a Career in Hospitality?

    Statistics from U.S. Travel

    • 40% of workers who start in travel earn at least $100,000 – double what is found in healthcare. 
    • Those who start in tourism ultimately earn higher wages in their careers.
    • Frontline travel jobs are an integral part of workforce development. Hospitality employees advance quickly, with U.S. hotels reporting that new-hire hourly employees are eligible for promotion within their first year of employment.
    • Travel supports professional careers. More than 53% of all U.S. Travel industry workers earn middle-class wages or higher with careers paths ranging from HR, accounting, engineers, chefs, sales, designers, marketing, IT, landscapers, security and more.
    • Nearly 1/3 of workers who are working part-time while furthering their education are employed in tourism related jobs.

    Dan Lincoln Institute of Hospitality Leadership (IHL)

    • The IHL is a regional talent development initiative that advances diverse students and professionals into managerial roles within the hospitality and tourism segment. This unique education program is designed to prepare students for rewarding careers in hospitality and develop a more highly skilled and diverse workforce for the Cincinnati region’s travel and tourism industry. 
    • The Cincinnati USA CVB mobilized key stakeholders, decision-makers and advocates in the region’s hospitality community to collaboratively move the industry forward and demonstrate the breadth, impact and cohesiveness of hospitality throughout Cincinnati.

    Additional Resources