Smale Riverfront Park
Smale Riverfront Park
Where is Cincinnati?

The Cincinnati region is a vibrant midwest metropolitan destination. Located on the scenic Ohio River, the Cincinnati region is comprised of Downtown Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and the surrounding neighborhoods.

What is there to do in the Cincinnati Region?

The choice is all yours!  The selection of events and attractions is endless - from amusement parks and world-class museums to professional sports and five-star dining. Whatever your taste, schedule or budget, there is something waiting for you here in the Cincinnati region. Click here to find some inspiration.

Why are pigs so significant to Cincinnati?

The nickname Porkopolis was attributed to Cincinnati around 1835. At that time, the city was the nation’s primary hog packing center and herds of pigs often traveled the streets. The Flying Pig Marathon is named in part because of the historical importance of the pig industry to Cincinnati.

Is the Cincinnati region known for any foods?

Yes! There are many unique options, but a few that have put us on the map include: Cincinnati-style chili, Montgomery Inn barbeque sauce, goetta, and Graeter's ice cream.

Where should I stay?

There are a variety of accommodations to choose from on both sides of the Ohio River ranging from budget to full service. Find the right hotel or B&B for you by searching our list of accommodations in the area that also allows you to filter by part of town and amenities.

When is the best time to visit the Cincinnati region?

Many would say any day all year; however, there are some attractions and events best experienced during specific seasons. For example, sports are at their peak on hot summer nights. Catch a Cincinnati Reds baseball game at the Great American Ball Park on the Ohio riverfront and then stroll next door to Moerlein Lager House or Smale Riverfront Park. Fall's spectacular foliage and colors are breathtaking from a BB Riverboats cruise in late September or October. Holiday lights are illuminating at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and around the region in December. You get the picture!

I'm bringing a group to the Cincinnati region. Can you assist in planning our trip?

Visit this page to connect with our partners who can assit you with planning group experiences and tour itineraries.