American Legacy Tours, in conjunction with the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum are proud to present the new 1919: The year that changed baseball walking tour of downtown Cincinnati, celebrating Cincinnati’s central role in shaping the game of baseball.

This tour focuses on the events and activities surrounding the controversial 1919 World Series that matched up the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox. The events of the series are often associated with the Black Sox Scandal.

Cincinnati is birthplace to not only the first professional baseball team but also the location of the National League and American League merger, the creation of the World Series, and home to a championship that changed baseball forever.

One man is at the heart of all these historic events, August “Garry” Herrmann. Learn about the man who is known as the “Father of the World Series”. He brokered the deal that helped form the modern Major League and gave Cincinnati its first World Series title in 1919. That title is arguably the most infamous event in professional sports.

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