The Anderson Ferry has been in continuous operation since 1817 has three Ferries, Boone 7, Little Boone and Deborah A. It is located about 8 miles west of downtown Cincinnati, providing the only automobile crossing between the I-71/75 Brent Spence Bridge and the I-275 West Bridge. The ferry has been in operation so long that a dirt road leading to it dating from the early 1800's grew into a major West Side road in the 1900's. Anderson Ferry Rd. makes the ferry easy to find. The ferry is popular in recent years do to higher gas prices and ease to the CVG airport and operates two boats during peak hours. Boone 7 built in 1937 is still often used. The airport is located about three miles south of the ferry in Kentucky, and has grown from a single runway in the 1940's to what once was one of the nation's largest International airports in the country. The ferry saves Cincinnati west side residents miles of driving, and is popular both with those catching flights and those who work at the airport. It is also a daily commute for some people who live and work near the ferry

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