Inspired by Cincinnati’s endearing bond to the river, BB Riverboats’ founder, Ben Bernstein, along with close friend and industry pioneer, Betty Blake, sought to provide a new opportunity—one centered on adventure, beauty, and discovery. They envisioned a journey where lasting memories would be created by the undeniable romance of the river—and a dining experience whose ever-changing backdrop could be found nowhere else. It was a simple idea in 1979 that evolved into an icon of the Queen City today.
You haven’t experienced Cincinnati until you step aboard a BB Riverboats cruise. And, when you do, you will want to share it with others time and time again—and that’s exactly how Ben and Betty wanted it.
Enjoy any of their popular cruises:
  • Music & Sunset Sightseeing
  • Captain's Lunch & Dinner Cruises
  • High Noon Sightseeing Cruise
  • Admiral's Dinner Cruise
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