What to expect:
Whether you are a local resident or just visting this amazing city,  you will leave with a full understanding of how the area evolved and the wonderful landmarks that stood the test of time. We just can't wait to tell you their stories! Tour length is just shy of two hours and includes a 20 minute "hop off" break at Union Terminal.
Your Tour Bus:
Choose your own seat at the time of booking and hop on board one of comfortable, climate controlled, 25 passenger tour buses and begin your trip through time. Watch the history unfold right before your eyes on one of our 6 video monitors.  We don't just tell you about our history, we show you!
Verified History:
Our tours have been miticulously curated from two of Cincinnati's most notable historians/authors on the history of Cincinnati. Their scripts have been professionally recorded and will elequently tell you the story, coupled with hundreds of archived photos, just as if you lived through it. 
Priviate Tours:
Have a group event? We would love to be a part of it! Whether it's family traveling in to town, a corporate function, or a group looking to learn more about this great city. groups of 20-25, gets you your own private tour.  Special requests? Of course, just send us the details and we will see how we can accommodate you. 
Where it Begins:
Welp, Cincinnati was founded in 1788, but what you really need to know is that our tour starts and ends at Newport On The Levee. Our boarding hub is right in front of Rotolo Bowling Bocce Eatery.


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