Northern Kentucky's First Professional Tree-Climbing Company offers classes and experiences.

Tree Climbers takes you step by step through the fun and safety in the trees. All lines are set, the knots are tied and ready to climb when you arrive.

Try Tree Climbing first through one of our facilitation classes. Once you feel the joy and exhilaration that comes from the challenge of climbing a tree you'll then want to learn how to access the canopy on your own.

You can challenge yourself by limb surfing, hanging on branches, performing "the bat hang", and coming down out of the tree like spider man. Rest in our comfortable tree chairs and meet other adventurous spirits. Or reflect to yourself as you enjoy lying in a hammock high in the tree.

Overlook the beautiful AJ Jolly Lake, observe the Canadian geese, deer and other wild animals. Bring your lunch, plenty of picnic tables. Hiking available and fishing. An adventure you’ll remember forever!!

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