The Ft. Thomas Community Museum's mission is to preserve, interpret and celebrate the cultural significance of our city; and to educate the public on the importance of our community's heritage. Fort Thomas was an induction center during WWI and WWII and over 80,000 were signed up for military duty on this very site. Dozens of original buildings still stand within the historic Fort which is now called Tower Park.  The Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum offers eight rooms of items including: 1) Military Displays (from Spanish American War, WWI, and WWII as well as other newer engagements); 2) Fort Thomas Community Display; 3) Fort Thomas Art and Artists; 4) Beverly Hills Supper Club Memorial Room;  5) Highlands High School Display; 6) Fort Thomas Conservancy Display; 7) Welcome Room and Souvenirs; 8) Tea Room.Additional tours are available upon request. We also have a historic walking tour throughout the Fort as well as the adjoining Historic Midway District--a business area that was created to serve the needs of the military.

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