Our Mission is to get kids and families Outdoors to have fun while connecting to, and developing a love for, the natural world.
Good Green Earth Farm was started by Rob and Messa Burns as a way to spread goodness in this world.  They met while working at Sunrock Farm and decided to carry on the work of Sunrock after their retirement in 2019.  They are a family owned and operated business.  They specialize in educational visits to schools and daycare centers.  In the summer of 2021 they began offering visits at their farm to allow children, families, and animals lovers to experience the animals in a more relaxed setting.
Farm Encounters:  Onsite Petting Zoo\
Goat Yoga:  Onsite Goat Yoga in our barn or at your location
Mobile Petting Zoo:  Baby Farm Animals at your location
Goat-A-Gram:  Get a 30 minute visit from two baby goats


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