Great Parks of Hamilton County preserves and protects natural resources and provides outdoor recreation and education opportunities for all to enjoy. Great Parks is comprised of 17 developed parks and 4 nature preserves spanning over 17,000 acres throughout the county. Visitors enjoy nearly 80 miles of trails, multiple lakes and ponds, seven golf courses, three campgrounds, two dog parks and much, much more. Visit our website for more information.

The Great Park of Hamilton County are Campbell Lakes Preserve, Embshoff Woods, Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve, Fernbank Park, Francis RecreAcres, Glenwood Gardens, Lake Isabella, Little Miami Golf Center, Miami Whitewater Forest, Mitchell Memorial Forest, Otto Armleder Memorial Park, Sharon Woods, Shawnee Lookout, Triple Creek, Winton Woods, Withrow Nature Preserve, and Woodland Mound.

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