Tucked in the serene blue grass hills of Florence, Ky., just below Cincinnati, located in an industrial park area is Ollie’s Skate Park. Ollie's is by far the newest premier indoor skate park in the Midwest boasting 60,000 square feet of skate terrain with something for everyone. This park is newly finished and has already seen some ripper, Alien workshop dudes, Kokomo Joe, and some notable old school shredders as well. This place simply rocks, numerous lines to work, smooth, level and true ramps, well-made coping, very fast, polished concrete floors, and all the trannies are perfect. The 6’ mini was deemed by the end of the day the effortless ramp. This ramp was so perfect you did not need to pump to keep speed. Just drop in and glide, no links in the coping to get hung on, just fast lines and long grinds.

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