The Southgate House Revival is located in The Grace Methodist Episcopal Church. The church was built in 1866 just after the Civil War. It is one of the few historic churches that remain in Newport, Ky. There are three rooms in the church that host live music every night: The Sanctuary, The Lounge and The Revival Room.

The main room, The Sanctuary, still has an original pipe organ that was made in Cincinnati by Koehnken & Grimm that sits behind the main bar. This serves as the main room for larger events and the sides of the room are flanked with stained glass windows that serve as a focal point of the venue. The Lounge is located directly outside of The Sanctuary hosting open mic nights and other small acts. The Revival Room is a mid-sized room located on the second floor. The stage is framed into the wall with an old mural of the Mt. Adams neighborhood above it, and the shape of the ceiling lends itself to amazing acoustics. The Southgate House Revival is a perfect blend of a music venue, bar and your best friend's living room.

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