Tour starts at Washington Platform, opened as a beer hall and saloon in 1875 on the south bank of “the Rhine,” the canal that separated the original, Anglo Cincinnati from its “German Quarter.” In the 1800’s, the area north of Washington Platform was, per capita, the most German neighborhood in America. The residents of this enclave brought a healthy thirst with them from their Germanic homelands, supporting the operation of almost 300 neighborhood saloons. All of that changed – the neighborhood’s identity, social life, and economy – with the double-blow of WWI and Prohibition. Guests begin the tour with the insider’s history of Washington Platform, travel “over the Rhine” and take a vivid trip through OTR’s immigrant origins, ethnic conflicts, industrial triumphs, and notorious intoxication. The tour features some of Cincinnati’s most spectacular and iconic architecture, and ends with a trip into the subterranean malt oven cellars two stories below Washington Platform. 

Part of The Brewing Heritage Trail.

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